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SoCal Wellness is dedicated to quality care. All of our providers are board-certified and specialize in psychiatric treatment. While we primarily focus on medication management, we aim to offer holistic and innovative treatments. Our providers also work closely with primary care and psychotherapists in the community to ensure well-coordinated treatment. 


In an effort to expand access to SoCal Wellness, we also offer a telemedicine program. Patients are given the unique option to establish a relationship with one of our providers who can manage medication and assess the need for ongoing treatment. This can happen from any location in California. Telemedicine will provide the same face-to-face treatment through a different modality. While this opportunity is available to all patients, it is important to consult with your provider to make the determination if telemedicine is right for you. 


At SoCal Wellness, we are currently accepting new clients. We also have a limited number of cash pay openings. Appointment times are flexible including Saturdays & the late afternoon. Telepsychiatry is also available.

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